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Venturi Based Trim Removal System

Venturi Based Trim Removal System



Cost-Effective Solutions for Trim Removal & Material Waste Handling
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Venturi based Trim Removal Systems

CTM Systems, Inc. is continually researching new technology and the latest equipment in order to better serve our customers in this ever-evolving industry. Our design engineers have the experience and technical expertise to design Trim and Waste Removal Systems that are compact, highly efficient, cost effective and provide trouble free installation and operation.

Generally, the lowest first cost of all systems, the Venturi provides customers with a cost effective option for removing trim and/or waste. Venturis can be a stand-alone system or a component in a larger system.

Venturis tend to be maintenance free because there are no moving parts in the flow path. The only moving part is the system driving fan, which does not come in contact the material being pulled. The Venturi system design is excellent for adhesive matrices because the matrix passes through pipe only, leaving all rotating items out of the material stream.

Unlike other systems, vacuum is created by inducting flow inside the Venturi, which enables the Venturi to move a wide variety of materials efficiently. Venturis systems have built-in flexibility and can be designed for mobility, enabling the system to be moved from machine to machine within your production facility.


  • Systems are generally compact and require minimal horsepower to operate.
  • System volumes are available to handle many size applications.
  • System Fan is out of the material flow stream.
  • Flexible blower location. The fan can be located indoors or outdoors and up to fifty (50) feet from the Venturi.
  • Requires minimal air separation.
  • For adhesive matrix applications coating can be applied, as well as oil mist systems.
  • Options include silencing and air separation equipment.