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Cost-Effective Solutions for Trim Removal & Material Waste Handling
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System Features

System Features include the following:

  • Competitive pricing and timely delivery
  • Compact design with a performance guarantee
  • Minimal power requirements and maintenance
  • High efficiency, cost effective, user friendly installation
  • Individual components to complete turn key systems
  • Scrap Materials Handled: paper, paperboard, cardboard, film, foil, laminates, non-wovens, textiles and pressure sensitive adhesives
  • Types of Scrap Conveyed: bleed trim, edge trim, die cuts, punch-outs, web matrix, release liner, discreet pcs
  • Unlimited conveying distances for custom engineered applications
  • Infeed arrangements with velocities of 5500 ft./min.and higher for certain applications to insure taut pull of the trim into the system ducting
  • Ducting sizes to keep the conveying line velocity to a minimum of 5000 ft./min. eliminating the possibility of trim snags or clogs in the ducting
  • Static elimination for scrap/recyclable materials acquiring a high static charge during conveyance
  • Sound attenuation in compliance with OSHA standards for noise reduction
  • Inlet and in-line silencers strategically located for maximum noise reduction
  • Non-stick coatings, plasma and Teflonâ for pressure sensitive material applications
  • Oil mist used in conjuction with non-stick coatings for very aggressive adhesives
  • Complete line of venturis, selected per customer application specs
  • Cutters, chopper fans, granulators, shredders, hammermills and pelletizers strategically located to cut and /or reduce scrap to easily conveyed particles
  • Material handling and chopper fans designed to guide scrap into impeller and provide air flow for scrap conveyance
  • Fans sized per application specs including capacity for possible future expansion
  • Air separation equipment such as cyclones and slant separators selected per customer application specs
  • Air volumes of 500 cfm and higher available
  • Air filtration equipment such as filter plenums or bag houses to address customer concerns of air quality and recirculation
  • Balers or compactors to provide further means of densification of scrap for savings on refuse costs
  • Electrical control panels designed and supplied per customer application specs
  • SERVICE FEATURES: engineering studies, start up assistance, installations, troubleshooting, retrofitting and cutter knife resharpening

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