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Model 35 Cutter

Model 35 Cutter



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Rotary Choppers

The highly successful Model 35 cutter, designed and manufactured by CTM Systems, Inc., has been upgraded. The Model 35 rotary cutter is now available as a "High Precision" or HP version. With the HP version, CTM Systems now provides a rotary cutter that will cut thin films to as thin as .0005" (0.0127 mils). The HP version continues to include the newest advancements in the overall capability of trim cutters in the converting industry market. The two-sided blade capability continues to be included in the High Precision version. This cutter is the most improved cutter on the market and it is priced to far outdistance cutters currently available on the market.

The cutter housing and hood are cast iron. The rotor material is ductile iron. The knife material is D-2 tool steel. A-11 tool steel (CPM-10V) and tungsten carbide coated knife materials are also available.

The motor/cutter assembly remains baseplate mounted. The cutter inlet and discharge are the same size, 3" high by 5" wide. The volume capacity of the cutter is 750 cubic feet per minute (cfm). This is the equivalent of two (2) 3.5-inch pickups at an inlet velocity of 5500 ft/min. The driver is a ¾ hp, TEFC, direct connected motor. The motors chosen for the cutter meet all commonly accepted motor specifications. A flexible coupling connects the motor and cutter.

Advantages of the Model 35 cutter follow. The housing and hood are manufactured from the same casting, reducing manufacturing costs. These are savings that are passed on to the purchaser. Cast iron material is readily coated for applications such as pressure sensitive adhesive trim, label stock, etc.

The cutter is designed such that the rotor is removable after raising the hood. The rotor is designed to eliminate wrapping of trim. The most innovative design feature of the cutter is the design of the rotor and bed knives. Both rotor and bed knives have TWO (2) sharpened edges for cutting. The double-sided feature permits the customer to get DOUBLE the current knife life from a single set of knives. This reduces the need to return cutters to the manufacturer for resharpening, eliminating the downtime required to remove, ship, sharpen, return and install the cutter. This time frame can be as much as four (4) weeks.

Since the rotor knives can be sharpened without the cylindrical grinding required by some cutter models, you the customer can easily sharpen knives, further reducing operating expenses. CTM Systems resharpens knives upon customer request. Replacement knives are available at a minimal cost, considering the extra length of time the knives will operate in a sharpened state.

CTM Systems provides practical solutions to trim and waste handling problems. CTM Systems, Inc. has the most economical solutions for your trim and waste handling systems.


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