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Slant Screen Separator

Slant Screen Separator

Cost-Effective Solutions for Trim Removal & Material Waste Handling
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CTM Systems engineers possess the experience to analyze existing systems, giving prospective customers the very best in practical solutions to in house trim removal system problems. The most important words above are "PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS", solutions that best meet the customer application and budget criteria, while reusing existing components where possible. Everyone wants to sell new equipment, while CTM Systems sells "SERVICE". The service aspect is what separates CTM Systems from the competition. CTM Systems personnel are skilled at working with customer employees, engineering contractors and any other professionals. If a poorly designed or installed system is your problem, contact CTM Systems for a practical solution.

(Directly below, left) Designed and manufactured by CTM Systems, Inc., the Model 35 Cutter features the latest advances in the overall capability of trim cutters in the Converting Industry market today. Available in two models, our standard Model 35P Cutter will precisely cut material as thin as .001 inch (.0254 mm) and our high precision Model 35HP Cutter will precisely cut film as thin as .0005 inch (.0127 mm).


  Material Handling Fan, Cyclone, and Dust Plenum   Material Handling Fan, Cyclone, and Dust Plenum  

(Above, right) Material handling fan, cyclone and dust plenum.




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